Thursday, December 3, 2009

Nice lack of authoratative zeal

I curse desire. Whether you curse being faster, a newer bike, more time to ride your chosen bike, Or even your own lack/loss/hope that is no longer/ever will be real. Why do people (I/you/us People) not find solace with ourselves, in this day, in our lives. Where do our covetous feelings come from, from feeling like we deserve more then that which we have, a land where ther is no horizon, no infinite, no end, a land utterly unlike the single one we inhabit. Have you ever thought of what happens af infinity? There could never be such because one could never return from an infinate distance.
I love bikes and the freedom they give human form but I hate the way industry takes everything and preverts it into something digestable, quantifiable, compareable. I dare you to sell your love. You can have both, just never believe those words that someone speaks with eyes filled with dollar signs, or for that fact a hug. A fact is only qualifiable if it is self described. It's not hat I don't trust that others think but there is a disconnect between mouth and ear, ear and brain, brain and eye. This is not the problem, the problem is not believing in this disconnect.
There are so many times when I wish I could take everyone I love and enclose them in my chest so that there is no loss. But then I see the value in a thing and it shatters. So I don't know and it queries infinately.
Go ride a bike and stop thinking for a few hours and annilliate a few thoughts.

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